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(Late) Modernity's british youth and childhood.

Social Investment and the Disciplinary State. A 20th century perspective

Vis. Ass. Prof. Harry Hendrick,
Univ. of Southern Denmark

(in englischer Sprache)
There is widespread concern among British Non Goverment Organizations working with young people that there exists within the government and among the general public a mood of 'zero tolerance' towards children and adolescents that has led to their being demonised. This lecture asks why such a mood has evolved and what it signifies. The suggestion is that the demonisation of young people is a feature of particular stresses and strains associated with advanced capitalism, not only the consequences of its increasingly globalised labour market, but also those of ontological insecurity and social anxiety. Through a comparison with what is claimed to be relatively 'optimistic' attitudes towards young people during the 'first' crisis of modernity c. 1890-1914, it is argued that our contemporary malaise is marked by intolerance, suspicion, and pessimism.

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